How We Work

Greenworks of Washington provides septic pumping services, repair, and inspection. We do not provide design, full system installation, grease trap, Vactor or portable toilet services.

A standard pumping for maintenance service includes standard tank inspection (NOT county-mandated inspection), disposal of removed waste and reasonable dig time (approximately 30 minutes) to accomplish this work.

Septic tank pumping is a highly variable service, with wide ranges in pricing and quality from various companies. Greenworks differentiates itself from the competition by providing the highest level of customer service possible through education and excellent service. We do not, and will not, claim to be the cheapest pumper out there. Our goal is to do a quality job, with trained personnel who listen to their clients, and run clean equipment.

Another service offered are Operations and Maintenance Inspections (OSM). Some counties have put these OSM Inspections as the top priority of their wastewater departments. Other counties are still in the process of developing their local programs. Greenworks frequently conducts inspections, instead of just pumping, so that the homeowner understands what an appropriate service interval is for their system and what maintenance tasks they can cover themselves.

When an inspection finds deficiencies in the septic system's components, repair is needed to bring the system back into compliance. Some of these repairs are simple and can easily be conducted by a knowledgeable homeowner. Other repairs require years of training and experience to diagnose and evaluate. Greenworks chooses to provide all estimates in writing, whether it is pumping, inspection or repair so that the homeowner has a clear understanding of what is needed & why.

Real Estate Transactions

With over a decade of experience in septic inspection, repair and pumping, Greenworks is the optimum contractor to call when you want an honest opinion in a short or small lead time. We schedule buyer-meeting appointments within a 30-minute timeframe, so you don't have to be standing around and waiting for someone to show up.

Our electronic record keeping is also a bonus for your client. We provide all customers with picture documentation, electronically scanned hard copies and thorough inspection and documentation requirements. We update buyers, sellers and agents with the septic system documents reflecting the results within 2 business days following complete payment of services, unless unusual conditions exist.


We encourage all of our customers to ask questions. We offer in-house classes to local agencies and offices, free of charge, to explain the intricacies of septic systems. We encourage buyers to be present when having a real estate transaction done. Please contact us by phone or email to schedule a class for your office- we look forward to working with you!

List of Services Offered

Select from our list of services.

Greenworks of Washington

Pressurized water cleaning of mainline from house to septic tank.

Mainline Cleaning

Replacement of mainline, repairing root intrusion, line collapse or damage.

Mainline Repair

Replacement of concrete or damaged inlet baffle from mainline into tank.

Inlet Baffle Replacement

Replacement of concrete or damaged center baffle from primary to secondary tank chamber.

Center Baffle Replacement

Replacement of concrete or damaged outlet baffle from tank to tightline/drainfield.

Outlet Baffle Replacement

Installation of Zabel filter to prevent outflow of solids to drainfield.

Outlet Baffle Filter Installation Replacement

Installation or replacement of fiberglass tank lid.

24 inch Riser Lid Installation Replacement

Installation or replacement of fiberglass pipe, secured to septic/pump tank, enabling access.

24 inch Riser Pipe Installation Replacement

Installation or replacement of inlet/outlet access ports.

8 inch Riser Lid Installation Replacement

Installation or replacement of fiberglass pipe, secured to septic tank, enabling access.

8 inch Riser Pipe Installation Replacement

Replacement of damaged/deteriorated distribution box, excluding permit fees (varied by county).

Distribution Box Replacement

Technician's time, up to two hours, to diagnose drainfield problems.

Drainfield Evaluation

Application of Root-X Chemical to retard root growth into tank or drainfield components.

Root-X Chemical

Replacement of pump within pump chamber, pump priced separately.

Pump Plumbing Installation (labor only)

Pump replacement, per as-built design (set specifications).

Replacement of Pump

Replacement of failed pump switch(es).

Replacement of Pump Floats

Replacement or installation of PVC float hanging device.

Installation Replacement of Float Tree

Use of electronic locator to determine tank or component location.

Removal of debris from drainfield lines with vacuum truck, typically stop-gap measure to enable time for replacement.